Prosecution Cases 2004

The Director of Corporate Enforcement v. C.A.N.N. Security & Maintenance Limited

29 January 2004

Details of Defendants:
C.A.N.N. Security & Maintenance Limited

Company Number: 328820

Registered Office:                                                                                                                                    114 Greenlea Road
Dublin 6w

Noel McNamee
43 Mountainview Court
Dublin 1 

Isabella Mary Barry
19 Macken Villas
Dublin 2 

Dublin District Court 

District Justice Thomas Fitzpatrick 

Alleged Offences:
The defendants were alleged to have contravened Section 202 of the Companies Act 1990, which requires the keeping of proper books of account. The allegations related to the financial year covering the period from 1st July 2001 to the 30th June 2002. 

On a plea of guilty the Court convicted the Company and imposed fines of €200 and awarded costs to the prosecution of €223. 

The summonses against both the directors were taken into consideration by the Court

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