Tuarascálacha Reachtúla

Inspector’s Report into the affairs of DCC

Tuesday, 19th January 2010
The report of the High Court Inspector into the affairs of DCC plc, S&L Investments Limited and Lotus Green Limited was published by order of the Court today, Tuesday, 19th January 2010.
The report is divided into its various chapters below. For the convenience of readers, it should be noted that a summary of the report is set out in Chapter 12.
The Director's related press statement can be accessed here.
Please note that delays may be experienced when viewing larger files.
Volume 1:
Contents (.pdf) 27 KB
Chapter 1 - Introduction (.pdf) 24 KB
Chapter 2 - Appointment of Inspector (.pdf) 56 KB
Chapter 3 - Conduct of the Investigation (.pdf) 41 KB
Chapter 4 - The Transactions Summarised (.pdf) 41 KB
Chapter 5 - The Companies, Directors, Officers, and Advisers (.pdf) 43KB
Chapter 6 - The ‘Fyffes - v - DCC and Others’ Proceedings (.pdf) 153 KB
Chapter 7 - The Relevant Statutory Provisions (.pdf) 63 KB
Chapter 8 - The Documentary Evidence (.pdf) 408 KB
Chapter 9 - The Interviews (.pdf) 744 KB
Volume 2:
Contents Volume 2 (.pdf) 18 KB
Chapter 9 - The Interviews continued (.pdf) 816 KB
Chapter 10 - The Additional Documentary Evidence (.pdf) 58 KB
Chapter 11 - Findings and Conclusions (.pdf) 270 KB
Chapter 12 - Summary and Acknowledgements (.pdf) 46 KB
Volume 3:
Appendix A - Core Documents 1995 (.pdf) 14.8 MB
Volume 4:
Appendix B - Core Documents 2000 (.pdf) 30 MB
Volume 5:
Appendix C - Selected Minutes (.pdf) 17.6 MB
Volume 6:
Appendix D - Companies Act, 1990. Part IV Chapter 2 Sections 67-69 (.pdf) 175 KB
Appendix E - Companies Act, 1990. Part V Sections 107 - 121 (.pdf) 88 KB
Appendix F - Judgement and Order of Mr. Justice Kelly 29th July 2008, High Court Motion (.pdf) 3.5 MB
Appendix G - DCC Section 67 and 91 Notices in respect of Fyffes 1991-92 (.pdf) 1.27 MB
Appendix H - Schedule of Interviews November 2008 - May 2009 (.pdf) 15 KB
Appendix I - Schedule of DCC personnel who gave evidence in High Court (.pdf) 76 KB
Appendix J - William Fry summary of advices on notification obligations (.pdf) 978 KB
Appendix K - 1st Interim Report of Inspector 28th January 2009 (.pdf) 306 KB
Appendix L - 2nd Interim Report of Inspector 28th July 2009 (.pdf) 180 KB
Volume 7:
Appendix M - Supplemental Documents (.pdf) 14.5 MB

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