Press Releases 2002

Director publishes two Consultation papers – C2002/3 –

27 March 2002

Remarks by Mr Paul Appleby, Director of Corporate Enforcement, at a press conference in Buswell's Hotel on 27 March 2002, announcing the publication of two consultation papers on the following subjects:

C2002/3:This paper outlines the manner in which the Director proposes to implement and manage his supervisory powers over insolvent companies in liquidation which are contained in Part 5 of the Company Law Enforcement Act 2001 (CLEA). It describes in particular the proposed reporting arrangements by liquidators to his Office under section 56 of the CLEA.

C2002/4: This paper sets out the Director's proposed approach to addressing the problem of Unliquidated Insolvent Companies by reference to his powers under section 251 of the Companies Act 1990 (as amended by section 54 of the CLEA).
The document below contains the full text of the Director's remarks.

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