Disqualification Cases 2008

The High Court disqualified Mr. Frank Brennan

22 April 2008

High Court decision in disqualification proceedings relating to Mr. Frank Brennan. 

The High Court today indicated that it was minded to make a Disqualification Order under Section 160(2)(d) and (e) of the Companies Act 1990 in proceedings taken against Mr. Frank Brennan by the Director of Corporate Enforcement arising from the Report of the Inspectors appointed by the Court to investigate the affairs of National Irish Bank Limited and National Irish Bank Financial Services Limited. The Court indicated that it would hear submissions from the parties at a later date as to the appropriate period of disqualification. 

The approved written judgment of Mr. Justice Roderick Murphy follows. 

See Attachment 'Update Brennan' for details of the subsequent fixing of the term of disqualification which the High Court determined as appropriate.

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