Companies Acts

The Companies Act 2014 onwards:

Consolidated-Companies Act 2014-revised by the Law Reform Commission    @

Companies Act 2014

Table of Origins for Companies Act 2014

Table of Destinations from previous Companies Acts

Companies (Accounting) Act 2017

Companies (Amendment) Act 2017

Companies (Statutory Audits) Act 2018

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  • @ This is an administrative consolidation prepared by the Law Reform Commission for ease of use only and where appropriate, the original legislation should be consulted.        .
  • the links below bring you to the Act in its original form and not to the Act as it may have been amended by subsequent legislation. If you require confirmation that a particular section remains in force and has not been changed, it will be necessary for you to examine each of the subsequent Acts to see if it has been affected;
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Irish Companies Acts (1963 - 2013) Historic - primary legislation

Court Rulings

What's New

Disclosure - Non Financial Information

Large -  companies, groups and undertakings are required to ​​​​​disclose and publish their policies on non-financial matters each financial year.

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