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The High Court today disqualified Mr Barry Seymour for nine years in consequence of the findings made by High Court Inspectors in their Report into National Irish Bank Ltd (NIB) and NIBFS.

20 March 2007

Re: Barry Seymour 

The High Court today made an order disqualifying Mr. Barry Seymour for a period of nine years under Section 160(2)(e) of the Companies Act 1990 in proceedings initiated by the Director on foot of a High Court Inspectors Report, together with an Order for costs in favour of the Director. However, the High Court granted a stay on the disqualification order and the order for costs pending an appeal by Mr. Seymour on the undertaking of the solicitor for Mr. Seymour during the stay, to give prior notice to the Director should Mr. Seymour intend to be appointed as a director of any company in this jurisdiction. 

Subsequent to the making of the High Court disqualification order, Mr. Seymour lodged a Notice of Appeal to the Supreme Court and in the circumstances, the disqualification order and the order for costs are stayed pending the determination of the appeal by the Supreme Court. 

Related Case 

See also the earlier High Court Judgement of 16 November 2006 where the Court directed that Mr Seymour attend the trial of the disqualification proceedings taken against him for the purpose of his being cross-examined on his sworn affidavits. 

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