Disqualification Cases 2014

Peter Redmond AND Helena Redmond were both made the subject of a disqualification Orders for a period of five years

19 May 2014

The Director of Corporate Enforcement AND Peter Redmond AND Helena Redmond. In the matter of Peter Redmond Limited AND in the Matter of Section 160 of the Companies Act 1990.

Peter Redmond Limited

Company Number: 384914

Registered Office: 1 Terenure Place, Terenure, Dublin 6W

Details of Respondents:

Peter Redmond  

Address: 98A Barton Road East, Churchtown, Dublin 14

Helena Redmond  

Address: 98A Barton Road East, Churchtown, Dublin 14


High Court, Dublin.


Justice Mary Finlay Geoghegan

The Application:

Under Section 160(2)(h) of the Companies Act 1990 (as amended by section 42(b) of the Company Law Enforcement Act 2001), the Director may seek the disqualification of the directors of a company, which has been involuntarily struck off the Register of Companies pursuant to Section 12 of the Companies (Amendment) Act 1982.

Under Section 160(3A), directors may successfully defend such an application for disqualification by demonstrating to the High Court that the company had no liabilities at the time of involuntary strike-off or that any such liabilities were discharged before the date of the making of the disqualification application. Where it deems that a sanction is appropriate, the Court has discretion to either disqualify the director for such period as it deems fit or restrict him or her for a five year period.


On the 19th of May 2014, Peter Redmond and Helena Redmond, who were directors of the company known as Peter Redmond Limited at the time it was struck off the Companies Register, were both made the subject of a disqualification Order for a period of five years.

The effect of this Order is that Peter Redmond and Helena Redmond are disqualified from being appointed or acting as auditor, director or other officer, Receiver Liquidator or Examiner or being in any way whether directly or indirectly concerned or taking part in the promotion, formation or management of any company or society registered under the Industrial Provident Societies Acts 1893 to 1978 for a period of five years effective from the 19th of May  2014.

An Order of measured costs was made in favour of the Director of Corporate Enforcement in the amount of €3,000, on a joint and several basis.


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