Disqualification Cases 2015

Supreme Court Order for Disqualification: Mr Jim Lacey, former Chief Executive and non-executive director of National Irish Bank, should be disqualified for four years and six months

17 December 2015


On the 17th December 2015, the Supreme Court made an Order on consent, that the Order of the High Court (Mr. Justice Murphy) made on the 7th June 2011 disqualifying Mr. Lacey for a period of nine years pursuant to section 160(2) (b) (d) and (e) of the Companies Act 1990 be vacated and in lieu thereof the Court made an Order disqualifying Mr. Lacey for a period of 4 years and six months commencing on the 7th June 2011.  The Supreme Court further ordered that all previous Orders for costs be vacated and ordered that Mr. Lacey pay the amount of €142,768. 50 to the Director as a contribution to the Director’s legal costs.

The approved written Judgment of the High Court is available to read.

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