Prosecution Cases 2002

Vincent and Sheila Mayock, the directors of 2001 Domain Trading Ltd

25 January 2002

On 22 January 2002, Vincent and Sheila Mayock, 33 Castlefield Manor, Ballina, Co Mayo, the directors of 2001 Domain Trading Ltd., were each convicted of an offence under section 59 (register of directors' interests) of the Companies Act 1990. This decision took into account separate offences under section 119 (register of members) of the Companies Act 1963 which were prosecuted in respect of each director. The separate proceedings against the company under the above sections 59 and 119 were withdrawn by the judge. 

Each director was fined €100. Mr Mayock was also ordered to pay expenses of €254 to the Director of Corporate Enforcement and prosecution costs of €952

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