Prosecution Cases 2003

The Director of Corporate Enforcement v. Austin Kenny

15 July 2003

Details of Defendant:
Name: Austin Kenny

Address:                                                                                                                                                 Kenny Quealy, 72 Upper Leeson St. Dublin 4 

Court 46 at the Bridewell 

District Judge O'Neill 

Alleged Offence(s):
Breaches of Section 187 (6) & (7) and Section 187 (12) of the Companies Act 1990. This section of the legislation provides for the qualification of persons for appointment as auditor. 

On a plea of guilty, the Defendant was convicted on four counts of breach of section 187 (6) & (7) and a fine of €500 was imposed on each count. Also on a plea of guilty, the defendant was convicted on one count of breach of section 187 (12). 

Costs of €208 were awarded to the prosecution

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