Prosecution Cases 2003

The Director of Corporate Enforcement v. Marrian Newsagency Limited.

15 May 2003

Details of Defendants:
Marrian Newsagency Limited

Company Number: 128988

Registered Office: 77 Oaklawn, Leixlip Co. Kildare

Martin Small
Address:                                                                                                                                                         77, Oaklawn, Leixlip Co. Kildare
Margaret Small
Address:                                                                                                                                                      77, Oaklawn, Leixlip Co. Kildare 

Dublin District Court. 

District Judge Claire Leonard 

Alleged Offence(s):
In each case the defendants were alleged to have contravened Section 202 of the Companies Act 1990, which requires the keeping of proper books of account. 

Each of the defendants pleaded guilty to the offences before the Court.
The Court imposed fines totalling €250 on the company and took into consideration the summonses against the directors.
The court awarded costs of €208 to the prosecution.

Court Rulings

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