Prosecution Cases 2004

The Director of Corporate Enforcement v. William McCormack.

26 November 2004

Details of Defendant:
William McCormack 

3 Firgrove Park, Bishopstown, Cork. 

Cork District Court. 

District Judge Riordan 

Alleged Offence:
The defendant was charged with contravention of Section 161 (1) of the Companies Act, 1990 in acting as a director of Regdewood Flooring Limited for the period 10th December, 2001 to 22nd of September, 2004 while subject to restriction by the High Court pursuant to Section 150 of the same Act and failing to abide by the conditions prescribed in the Act for continuing to act as a company director. 

Outcome:                                                                                                                                                      In a plea of guilty, William McCormack was convicted, fined €600, and ordered to pay prosecution costs of €218. The court noted that, having been convicted of an offence under Section 161 of the Companies Act 1990, William McCormack is deemed, pursuant to Section 161(2) of the same Act, to be the subject of a disqualification order. The effect of this provision is that William McCormack is disqualified from holding the position of director in any company registered in the State for a period of 5 years commencing 26th November, 2004.

Court Rulings

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