Prosecution Cases 2011

The Director of Public Prosecutions v Kenneth Shanny

11 April 2011

Details of Defendant:
Kenneth Shanny

13 Supple Hall, Dunshaughlin, Co Meath

Dublin Circuit Court 15

Judge Hogan

Alleged Offence(s):
The defendant was charged with 16 separate offences, 2 of which were offences under Section 187 of the Companies Act 1990 (qualification for appointment as auditor) and Section 242 of the Companies Act 1990 (furnishing false information to the Companies Registration Office).

The court convicted the defendant on 2 charges, one under Section 4 of the Theft and Fraud Offences Act 2001 and one under Section 242 of the Companies Act 1990, imposing a sentence of 3 years imprisonment on each charge, with the last year suspended on both, with a Good Behaviour Bond for two years after release (in relation to both offences). Both sentences are to run concurrently. Leave to appeal was denied.

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