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Inspectors’ Report into NIB/NIBFS

Friday, 30th July 2004
The Report of the Inspectors into the affairs of National Irish Bank Ltd. and National Irish Bank Financial Services Ltd. was published by order of the High Court at 10 a.m. on Friday, 30 July 2004. A copy of Mr Justice Peter Kelly’s Judgement of 23 July 2004 and his related Order is available here.

For the convenience of readers, the Report is divided into its main constituent parts below. You may access those parts of the Report of relevance to you by choosing one of the following links:

Please note that delays may be experienced when viewing larger files.
The Summary and Contents (comprising some 16 pages).
Part 1 – Introduction (20 pages).
Part 2 – Evasion of Revenue Obligations: Incorrectly Classified Non-Resident Deposit Accounts (40 pages).
Part 3 - Evasion of Revenue Obligations: Fictitious and Incorrectly Named Accounts (10 pages).
Part 4 - Evasion of Revenue Obligations: Special Savings Accounts (10 pages).
Part 5 - Evasion of Revenue Obligations: The Sale of CMI, Scottish Provident International and Old Mutual International Policies (35 pages).
Part 6 – The Improper Charging of Interest (22 pages).
Part 7 – The Improper Charging of Fees (26 pages).
Part 8 – Improper Practices: Knowledge and Responsibility (28 pages).
The Report minus the Appendices (199 pages).
Appendix 19: Copy NIB “Reaction Paper” dated 24 March 2004 (comprising some 53 pages).
All of the Appendices (comprising some 209 pages).
The full Report (comprising some 409 pages).

A copy of the Press Statement and associated Editor's Note issued by Mr Paul Appleby, the Director of Corporate Enforcement, on the publication of the Report.

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