Useful Links

Useful Links

SME Online Portal Tool

The SME Communications Group is a cross Government Group which was set up in order to better convey the possible supports available to SMEs throughout the country from Government and its agencies and offices.  As part of their work they developed an online information portal for SMEs, which provides information on over 80 possible business supports (financial and non financial).

Attorney General's Office 

The website of the Attorney General's Office in Ireland from which displays all Irish Acts and statutory instruments from the foundation of the State in 1922 to 1998. 

Irish Point of Single Contact (PSC)

The single contact point provides information on the procedures required for Irish/EU Businesses who intend operating in Ireland.  The Internal Market Unit in the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innoviation has responsibility for the operation and administration of the Irish Point of Single Contact.

British and Irish Legal Information Institute

The website of the British and Irish Legal Information Institute which contains the text of important Irish Court judgements. 

Central Bank of Ireland

The website of the Central Bank of Ireland which contains useful information regarding its various functions and statutory responsibilities. 

Companies Registration Office 

The website of the Companies Registration Office in Ireland which is responsible for collecting and making available to the public certain statutory information relating to companies trading in Ireland. 

Company Law Review Group 

The website of the Company Law Review Group which is reviewing a number of aspects of Irish company law in accordance with a programme of work outlined by the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation in Ireland. 

Competition and Consumer Protection Commission

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission was established on 31 October 2014 and is the statutory body responsible for enforcing consumer protection and competition law in Ireland.

Centre for Corporate Governance  

An initiative of University College Dublin. The Centre's main aim is to promote excellence in corporate governance in Ireland. 

Courts Service 

The website of the Courts Service in Ireland which is responsible for the management of the system of justice in Ireland. 
Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation 

The website of the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation in Ireland. This Department is responsible for the development of policy and legislation relating to company law and other forms of business regulation, e.g., industrial relations, employment conditions, work permits, e-commerce and trade regulation.

Director of Public Prosecutions

The website of the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions  

European Commission

The website of the European Commission on which is displayed the legislation of the European Union in the company law and related areas. 
Garda Síochána 

The website of the Garda Síochána (Irish police). 
Government of Ireland 

The central website of the Irish Government from which you may access various Government bodies. 
Houses of the Oireachtas 

The website of the Irish Parliament which contains information on the progress of legislation through Dáil Éireann (Lower House) and Seanad Éireann (Upper House). 


The website of the Irish Auditing & Accounting Supervisory Authority. IAASA have issued guidance on the duty of auditors to report to ODCE.

Institute of Directors in Ireland 

The representative body for directors and senior business professionals in Ireland.  Affiliated to the Institute of Directors worldwide, the Institute offers a range of training and services for its members to increase their effectiveness as directors.

Tackling Bribery and Corruption 

A website established on foot of a cross-departmental approach taken by the Irish Government to raise awareness of issues relating to the illegality of bribery and corruption, and to provide information on how and to whom the public should report any suspicion of corruption practices. The ODCE is one of the organisations involved in this collaborative effort.

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